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Ring Guard 20g (Anti-fungal medicated cream) indian

৳ 122.00

Ring Guard is an anti-fungal cream for ringworm & skin infections. It has active ingredients Miconazole (anti-fungal) and Neomycin sulphate (anti-bacterial).Ringworm, Daad or Tinea is a skin condition caused by fungus (not by worm). Ringworm spreads out in a circle, with normal-looking skin in the middle, giving a ring like appearance. It is infectious and you may suffer from this, not so serious but uncomfortable problem, by touching infected person, using public showers, locker rooms, damp surfaces or pets.


Product Description

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Product Details

Product Specification

Dosage FormCreamPackaging TypeTubeUsage/ApplicationPersonalDose/Strength12 gCompositionAnti Fungal Medicated CreamBrandRing Guard


  • For Men.
  • Form: Cream.
  • Paraben Free.
  • For Eczema Treatment.
  • Treatment Type: Eczema Treatment.

For Men
Form: Cream
Paraben Free
For Eczema Treatment
Treatment Type: Eczema Treatment


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